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Amicore Clinical Management

Designed by clinicians, Amicore Clinical Management (ACM) is an electronic medical record solution that is ready to use, yet is also fully customizable to reflect your unique specialty and practice.  Using wireless tablet PCs, clinicians can easily and quickly enhance all aspects of the “SOAP” patient interaction – Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan.  Whether it’s a new patient visit or a patient returning for follow-up care, whether it’s single or multiple complaints, Amicore Clinical Management captures a complete chart and reviews it to ensure the clinician has properly documented to support the level of service, ensuring maximum reimbursement and quality of care. 

Clinicians use Amicore Clinical Management to write prescriptions, order and review lab tests, check health maintenance reminders, make referrals, complete charge capture, and request follow-up visits.  Amicore doesn’t change the way you practice medicine – it maximizes reimbursement, eliminates paperwork and lets you focus on what’s important – caring for patients.


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