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Amicore’s Value Proposition

Specialty-Specific Solutions – Amicore offers targeted solutions specifically tailored to the unique needs of different specialties, including focused, customizable clinical guidelines, content, and practice workflows for family practice, internal medicine, orthopedics, urology, and cardiology. 

An Integrated Clinical-Practice-Management Solution – Only Amicore gives you a single-product solution to manage the entire process – from appointment scheduling to payer reimbursement.  Amicore manages your entire practice remotely in a single, secure database.

Outsourced Simplicity – You don’t need computer experts on staff.  You don’t need to buy lots of expensive computers.  You don’t need to worry about glitches, problems, and maintenance.  Amicore provides and supports all hardware and software for one low monthly subscription fee.

Integration With Payers and Pharmacies – Amicore handles all the connections (using standard HL7 protocols) to payers, laboratories, pharmacies, and other institutions, submits the right bills with the proper codes to payers, sends orders to labs and clinics, and even submits prescriptions to your patients’ chosen pharmacies with a click of a pen stylus. 

Ease of Use – With Amicore’s wireless tablet PCs, you can talk, type, tap, or dictate your records, progress notes, orders, and other materials.  Digital inking, dictation, and handwriting recognition are all supported.  Built in conjunction with Microsoft, Amicore software handles the entire process, from appointment scheduling and patient registration to intake, clinical encounter, diagnoses, treatment orders, prescriptions, and billing.

Sensible Technical Architecture – Amicore uses near real-time connections to our high-security data center (to handle payment processing, lab orders, prescriptions, and more) along with a local redundant server that keeps things running uninterrupted if connections fail.  

Proactive Support – Amicore backs up all of your data immediately after it’s received in our data center to ensure no loss or corruption.  What’s more, Amicore can also remotely monitor the health and status of your tablet PCs and other office computers to anticipate and resolve potential failures – often before you’re even aware of an issue.

Complete Security and HIPAA Compliance – All of your information is carefully encrypted, protected, and backed-up to ensure it’s never lost or compromised.  Amicore supports full compliance with all relevant aspects of HIPAA regulations.


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