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Amicore Integrated Management Overview

Integrating a standalone electronic medical record (EMR) solution with a billing system usually creates more problems than it solves. Today's medical practices need a unified approach that automates scheduling, clinical documentation, billing, and reporting. Until now, there's been no feasible option for implementing a single, unified solution to justify the investment in new practice software.

Introducing Amicore Integrated Management, the first and only solution that integrates clinical care and practice management - a single system that, for the first time, creates operational and administrative efficiencies, accelerates payment cycles, enhances the patient care experience, and improves the quality of care.
Amicore Integrated Management provides a unique cost-effective solution for scheduling, billing, and electronic medical records that automates the end-to-end patient encounter from appointment scheduling to documenting patient encounters to patient billing and reimbursement.

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