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Amicore Clinical Management Features & Benefits

Scheduling – Amicore lets your busy staff make appointments for multiple office locations using your specific scheduling rules.  Schedulers can use Amicore’s flexible interface to see one or more clinicians, rooms, or equipment schedules across multiple offices.  You can also take advantage of patient notifications for recalls and appointments.

Comprehensive Clinical Content  The foundation of Amicore Integrated Management is a complete set of ready-to-use clinical guidelines to fully document and manage patient care.  Written by clinicians for clinicians, these guidelines follow the way that you work, supporting all elements of subjective, objective, assessment and plan (SOAP) charting.  Amicore’s clinical content is specialty-specific and can also be customized for your practice. 

Clinical Management – Amicore documents and assists clinicians throughout the care process.  You have easy access via the current documentation to all past clinical history at single click.  This includes past and current medications, diagnoses, past medical, family and social history, health maintenance reminders and allergies, test results, scanned correspondence.  Before you enter the exam room, all intake information performed by the nurse or medical assistant is captured and available in the current visit note.

Referral Management – Amicore Clinical Management helps you document, track, and obtain authorization for all outbound referrals.  You can also integrate inbound referrals with scheduling and billing.   ACM also generates automatic referral letters, ensuring better service to providers on whom your practice may depend.

Patient History – Access unified views of a patient’s history on-screen – including prior visits, prior diagnoses, and previous test results from laboratory, radiology or other areas.  You decide which elements of the patient’s record should be viewed in each encounter or pulled into the current clinical note. 

Health Maintenance RemindersOn-screen alerts let you know about disease-management or practice-directed protocols during your interaction with the patient.  You can also use proactive patient notifications during scheduling.

Lab Orders and Results Management – Amicore is fully integrated with lab vendors such as Quest and LabCorp and lets you issue electronic orders for lab tests and view subsequent results on screen.

Electronic Prescriptions – Create and send electronic prescriptions directly to the patient’s chosen pharmacy.  For quality assurance, an integrated drug-interaction database helps you screen out potentially harmful interactions prior to issuing the prescription.

Your Choice of Documentation – With advanced features for voice recognition and handwriting recognition, Amicore Clinical Management provides clinicians a full variety of documentation methods, ensuring simplicity, speed, accuracy, and completeness.  Integrated clinical guidelines offer a structured vocabulary that converts a few menu clicks into plain-English patient notes. With a single click, you can dictate part of any note into your tablet for transcription.  With Amicore, it’s your choice.

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