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APM Features & Benefits

Scheduling – Amicore lets your busy staff make appointments for multiple office locations using your specific scheduling rules.  Schedulers can use Amicore’s flexible interface to see one or more clinicians, rooms, or equipment schedules across multiple offices.  You can also take advantage of patient notifications for recalls and appointments.

Patient Management – Office staff can quickly enter and register patients, either as a mini or full registration.  Registration is in a single database shared by the PMS and EMR eliminating redundant data entry and configuration. The practice has a complete audit trail of all patient authorizations (for HIPAA compliance) as well as all appointments, referrals, billing notices and personnel access to the patient’s record.  After patient check-in, Amicore Integrated Management’s practice workflow gives the care team a complete patient status at a glance. All members of the care team follow the patient through “Patient Tracking” seamlessly contributing their part to a professionally orchestrated patient visit.

Billing/Accounts Receivable – APM shines in its ability to help administrators and billing professionals support fee-for-service and managed care billing while fully complying with HIPAA regulations.  APM includes up-to-date ICD-9 and CPT codes for accurate billing.  You can bill through multiple Tax IDs; bill by patient or by family and you can electronically file bills with payers that comply with all proper diagnosis and procedure codes.  With Amicore Integrated Management’s integrated clinical and financial capabilities, it’s easy to handle co-payments.  APM uses flexible rules for bill formats, rebill days, minimum balance, maximum bills, and more.  Amicore Integrated Management provides point of service (clinical note) charge entry, code review, and CCI checks for optimal billing. 

Referral Management – APM helps you document, track, and obtain authorization for all outbound referrals.  You can also integrate inbound referrals with scheduling and billing.   APM also generates automatic referral letters, ensuring better service to providers on whom your practice may depend. 

Messaging – APM provides inter-office messaging for easy and discreet communication between the front office and providers. 

Task Management – APM lets you document and assign to-dos, screen tasks based on functional needs, and set priorities and due dates to manage work queues.  A single work space ensures you can view and act on lab results, prescription referrals, and call-backs for each physician with a single click.

Paper Scanning – Amicore provides scanned document management for administrative and clinical documents.  Front Office can scan and link insurance cards to the appropriate responsible party as well as consent forms eliminating paper storage.  Clinical correspondence is scanned to the patient record and is only assessable by permission. Paper medical records can be scanned prior to implementation eliminating paper charts.  Inbound faxes can be automatically routed to the scanning module

Flexible, Comprehensive Reporting – Create financial and operational management reports to analyze your practice and identify areas for improvement. View those reports on-screen, print them out, or store them electronically.

Electronic Billing – Amicore Practice Management supports billing through a third-party clearinghouse. 

HIPAA-Compliant Security – APM supports role-based and user-based authorized access to secure transactions and operations.  For example, a complete audit log shows which users have accessed Protected Health Information (PHI).  By restricting non-clinical staff’s access to clinical/encounter information Amicore helps further protect patient confidentiality. 


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