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Savvy medical practices understand that innovative technology is only part of the equation.  The other non-negotiable requirement: planning for and managing the various changes that are an inevitable component of creating new efficiencies. 

By recognizing the importance of change management in the implementation of practice improvement systems, Amicore is enabling a more risk-free adoption of our applications.  Involving the practice, informing them of the challenges ahead, and partnering with them to overcome the challenges create higher practice satisfaction, greater practice efficiency, and enhanced patient satisfaction and safety.
  • Relationships – Amicore invests heavily in ensuring that a productive friendly relationship is in place with these stakeholders and opinion makers in the practice. This strong relationship is vital to identifying and quickly addressing any potential points of anxiety.
  • Preparation – Amicore begins educating practices well before actual training commences. This includes evaluating the present state of the practice through professional consulting services and time-motion studies. We help ensure the practice is in the best possible position to deploy and carefully explain what lies ahead – milestones and timeframes – so that everyone knows the overall implementation plan. This preparation can reduce anxiety. 
  • Anxiety and Technology - Many soon-to-be Amicore users can become anxious about technology. Training and practice are essential in reducing this anxiety.  All employees can access Amicore’s online Amicore Academy at anytime and from any Internet-connected PC, providing greater time for practice in an environment that can be tracked and where performance can be measured through course-ending evaluations.
  • On-Site Training – For many, traditional class-room style training is still the optimal solution. With on-site training, students can learn in a familiar setting with a better opportunity for one-on-one feedback. Amicore’s classroom-based training can take place around the schedule of the practice, to minimize practice downtime during the implementation. It utilizes short periods of lecture with long laboratory-style lessons and simulations. 
  • Environmental Anxiety – Amicore also brings other environment changes into the practice, including new scanners, printers, PCs, and tablet PCs.  These must all be installed and practice staff need to know how and when to operate them. Amicore manages these changes through analysis and consulting on the physical placement of these devices and through complete training in their operation.
  • Management and Improvement - During initial consulting, Amicore measures several aspects of efficiency in the practice.  These same metrics are recorded during Amicore training so that stakeholders can be assured of practice readiness for the “go-live” deployment. Amicore can then measure again at the conclusion of the implementation/transition period document performance-improvement trends.

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