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John Morris on Amicore

John J. Morris, CMPE
Executive Director
Associated Cardiovascular Consultants

"Amicore's EMR makes data mining easy and has allowed us to negotiate much better contracts with our insurers and HMOs."



John Colebaugh, Administrative Director, Middlesex Cardiology
“Having an electronic medical record on Tablet PC’s has been a lifesaver.  We easily move information between our three clinics.  Doctors get at patient information anywhere in the clinics, at the hospital, when they are at home, and even on vacation.  We don’t have to be planning for rooms to hold more charts and additional staff to carry them around; we are avoiding nearly all of the old transcription costs.”

Dr. Guy Spinelli, Granite Medical Group
“We’re a practice of 22 physicians.  The wireless messaging and mobility of the system is an excellent efficiency tool for us.  A patient will call in with a medical issue and the message is sent directly to the doctor’s Tablet PC regardless of their location in the clinic.”  

Jan Kennedy, President, Greater Waterbury Family Practice
“When we bought the Amicore system 5 years ago, it was for survival.  Our processes were so inefficient we were facing a deficit of nearly a million dollars.  The system helped bring immediate efficiencies and controls to our organization, and we’re proud to acknowledge Amicore’s tremendous contribution to the financial turnaround of our 60 provider, 11 location group practice.”

Kevin Carr, M.D. 
“The new system is going to be phenomenal.  Health Maintenance Reminders are going to change the way we practice medicine.”

Dr. Frank Maselli, Riverdale Family Practice
“Most vendors wanted to put a PC in each exam room, but that wasn’t a good solution for our practice.  I loved the Amicore system from the beginning because of the mobile Tablet PC. I’m able to walk from room to room with my Tablet PC in hand, and I’m always connected by our wireless network. I can write notes, check my messages, and review lab results between patient appointments. All of my staff is connected to the network, and we never lose a chart.”


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